Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker is the youngest son of an American missionary family who has
dedicated their life building up the church in Brazil.
 For over 40 years, Tom served the church in Brazil planting churches, developing relationships, building
networks, training leaders and inspiring people for the work of the Kingdom. Moving back to the US in
2000, Tom and Evandra, his wife, were assigned as international coordinators of church operations in
different parts of this country. In 2007 Thomas was led to a dramatic change in his life from full-time minister to a businessman, starting

his first business in New York City. During this season Tom’s vision was expanded to understand the
kingdom service through the marketplace and building strong teams through covenant-based
relationships. By God’s divine favor that one startup catapulted into a successful string of multimillion-
dollar retail management operations. Through building businesses, God developed in Thomas a keen
sense of discernment and business acumen that led him and his team to a new ministry vision: Kingdom
Enterprise Network, an international network of businesspeople kingdom-driven, has been launched in
2022 with the purpose to inspire heavenly culture on earth and mentor a new generation of entrepreneurs
and enable people to identify God’s calling in their lives and fulfill God’s purposes.  
Thomas lives in New Jersey and is married to the love of his life Evandra, for over 40 years and has three
children. Thomas, his family and a team of highly qualified men and women of God minister together
using their businesses as an extension of the kingdom of God.

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