The CONNEXUS Concept:

The Latin word “CONNEXUS” is defined as “a connecting structure”, and that is exactly who we are! Connexus Leadership Network connects Christian Leaders, in the churchplace and workplace, to maximize impact in the community for the Kingdom of God.

Greg Williamson

President - Connexus Leadership Network

Our Mission:

Equipping Christian professionals to fulfill their unique callings from God, and to maximize the impact of those callings by CONNECTING them with like-minded Christian leaders across all 7 Spheres of Culture.

o Arts & Entertainment
o Business
o Church
o Education
o Family
o Government
o Media

CONNEXUS extends the reach of the church beyond the WALLS and into the WORLD just as Jesus commanded.



We are expecting more than 160
attendees this year. Limited seats available, get yours today!



We are expecting more than 290
attendees this year. Limited seats available, get yours today!



We are expecting more than 290
attendees this year. Limited seats available, get yours today!

Take a look to our event presentation video for this year

Have a insider look to what we have been preparing for your upcoming visit!

"Connecting Christian Leaders for Kingdom Impact."

CONNEXUS Conferences is an incredible participatory experience
and we want to make sure you get the most out of it!

Learn From Experience

Are you in the Business Sphere? Hear from incredibly successful entrepreneurs about how to glorify God on your job.

Are you in the Education Sphere? Connect with teachers, professors and administrators who are already making a big impact for Christ, in the lives of students, parents and faculty alike.

What about the Government Sphere including law enforcment, and military? You're not alone! Meet other Christians, who are on the job, being "salt" and "light" and learn how you can too!

You'll learn from those who are at the top of their game in the Art & Entertainment Sphere as well as the Media Sphere too!

How do you balance work and family? Find out from those who are getting it done in the Family Sphere.

Time To Connect

Connexus is NOT another 'mind-numbing' conference where you sit all day and listen to speaker after speaker.

Connexus is all about CONNECTING, so we provide plenty of time for you to ask questions, get answers, get-to-know others, and be empowered through new relationships.

We love helping others fulfill the call of God on their life, right where they are. As we like to say, "You are where you are for His sake".

More Than A Conference

Connexus is more than a conference, it's more like a launching pad!

Each of the 7 Spheres represented in our network meet together to share ideas, encourage each other, pray together and even combine efforts in community outreaches.

In Connexus, we believe people grow more by doing than just watching or listening!

Our speaker are experts in their respective Webflow platform areas

They know what they are talking about, so pay close attention to what they have to say!

If you are searching for a conference that has it all, you should come to Connexus, March 29-30 with us.

Seriously, we have it all. From the experts to the awesome place, plus a bunch of nice people.

Ideas To Implement

Through Connexus you will find proven, biblical principles to take back with you to work.

Expert Speakers

Christian leaders who are actually getting it done (practitioners) in their sphere of influence, not philosophers who 'talk the talk'.

Fresh Perspective

Stuck in a rut at work? Gain fresh insights and inspiration to fulfill God's plan for you.

Ongoing Connections

Through video conferencing, special sphere gatherings and prayer, Connexus connections continue year-round.

Worship & Prayer

Experience powerful worship and prayer, surrounded by other Christian leaders who are committed to being all God's purposed them to be, just like you.

Q&A Sessions

Many have told us our Q&A sessions are worth the entire cost of the conference! Make the investment in yourself today.